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Are you interested in becoming a martial arts coach with LSK Martial Arts and Fitness? Our progression pathway allows you to learn and develop through the different stages of coaching, growing your responsibilities and skills coherently.

There are four coaching levels in our framework, with all coaches starting at level one and moving up through the levels, one at a time.

In order to become a Level 1 - Class Assistant and begin your coaching journey, you must go through an application process, complete your training and pass an exam.

Level One coaches can apply to become a Level 2 - Assistant Coach. If successful, you will undertake more training and another exam to determine your result.

If you have any questions about this process or would like any more information, please contact our team.

View the current list of qualified LSK Martial Arts coaches here.

Level 1

Class Assistant

A class assistant is the first step in becoming a martial arts coach. In this role you will assist with warm up routines, cool downs and shadow the main instructor in classes. You will offer basic help and guidance to other students & members during class. The minimum grade to apply for this role is Green belt.

Level 2

Assistant Coach

As an assistant coach you will be confident in all teaching aspects of a martial arts class. In this role you will assist with and sometimes lead warm ups, techniques, exercises, pad work, drills and more.

Assistant coaches are paid hourly for classes they teach without a class or area coach present. There is a 3 month training period and online courses to complete, the minimum grade requirement for this role is Purple belt.

Level 3

Class Coach

A Level 3 Class Coach is a fully qualified martial arts instructor, confident in all aspects of teaching, health & safety, risk assessments, safeguarding, grading and the effective delivery of the LSK Martial Arts syllabus.

In this role, you will be able to lead a class or start up your own LSK Martial Arts class in a new venue. The minimum grade requirement for this role is Black belt.

Level 4

Area Coach

Fully qualified and suitably experienced Level 3 coaches can progress to a Level 4 - Area Coach. In this role you can supervise, manage and train Level 2 and Level 3 coaches, alongside teaching multiple classes of your own.

A Level 4 coach will be successfully running multiple classes at various different locations.





Please use the below application form to apply for your place on the LSK Martial Arts coaching team. 

Send completed forms with a cover letter to:

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