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Progress all the way to team gb

LSK Martial Arts & Fitness is a professional provider of Kickboxing, Karate and Fitness classes for men, women, children and families in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

The primary objective of the organisation is the progression of our members, depending on their individual goals.

While some students are interested mainly in fitness, working towards gaining a blackbelt, or becoming a coach, some have high ambitions on a competitive level.

As a part of Team LSK, we can help support those that wish to become elite athletes with goals to represent team GB, win World titles, and maybe even an Olympic Gold medal..

In order to achieve this, we host regular squad training sessions where promising students are invited to participate in a 3 hour class, concentrating on sparring for competitions. This group is also encouraged to compete at regional tournaments.

Those wishing to progress further can be part of our interclub squad training sessions which include a number of other club squads to test themselves against.

From this level, fighters that show the right potential and attitude are invited to attend National and International competitions with the team. Upon competition success, students may be included in WAKO Team GB squad sessions and represent Great Britain at World or European Championships.

There is a clear pathway of progression to work upwards towards an ultimate goal. With WAKO attaining Olympic recognition recently, we may just be working with future martial arts Olympians!


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