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LSK Championships

The LSK Kickboxing Championships is an Intraclub (LSK Members ONLY) competition for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced students in Point Fighting, Light Contact and Ring Kickboxing

LSK Championships

LSK Intraclub Kickboxing Championships - June 2nd, Geddington

Are you ready to showcase your skills and fighting spirit? The LSK Intraclub Kickboxing Championships is your chance to test yourself against fellow LSK members in a supportive and competitive environment. This is a LSK-only event with divisions for all experience levels.

Here's what you need to know:

Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2024
Location: Geddington
Point Fighting
Light Contact
Ring Kickboxing
Team Event
Grand Championship
Registration: Closed May 31st, 2024
Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to:

Compete against your peers and build camaraderie within the LSK community.
Gain valuable competition experience in a safe and controlled environment.
Push your limits and test your skills under pressure.
For further information:

Pre-registration ONLY at

Let's make this a championship to remember!

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