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5 minute core kickboxing workout - AMRAP

Workout at home with this #teamLSK 5 minute core workout. Targeting the core muscles to enhance your punching power.

For those with a bit more time and looking to push themselves to the limit, this exercise set can be used as an AMRAP session ('as many rounds as possible') - repeat the set of 5 exercises as many times as you can manage.

Each Round:

  1. Shadow Boxing - 1 minute

  2. Press-ups - 30 reps

  3. Sit-ups - 30 reps

  4. Press-ups / one hand to chest every rep - 15 reps

  5. Plank Position - Hold for 1 minute


These exercises serve to initially warm up your muscles before engaging your upper body and core with the aim of increasing the power in your punches.

For more exercise plans and instructional videos, join LSK Martial Arts & Fitness and gain access to our members only group here.

How many rounds can you do?


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