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Some benefits of kickboxing & sport karate

Kickboxing is a fast and dynamic sport which offers many benefits to it's participants. LSK martial arts and fitness offer professional kickboxing instruction and coaching to beginners and advanced practitioners in Northamptonshire & Leicestershire.

Self Defence:

Kickboxing is a versatile martial art offering efficient striking techniques through a wide variety of kicks and punches. You can also learn hand and kick blocks and take part in sparring to improve your combat skills.

Build Strength:

Warmups and exercise sessions include strength building bodyweight exercises which increases muscle strength and power.

Increase Stamina:

Improve the strength of your heart and lungs with aerobic and anaerobic exercise incorporated into martial arts classes.

Lose Weight:

Burn calories with cardiovascular and strength exercises, along with high intensity workouts like hitting pads and sparring.


Regular stretching and flexibility exercises to improve your mobility and increase your range of movements across your whole body.


With learning self defence and improving your fitness, expect to start to feel great and discover a new confidence.


Train with respect and discipline to work your way up through the belts to eventually earn your blackbelt, the ultimate accomplishment.

These are just a few examples of the endless benefits you can find when learning and training in Kickboxing or Sport Karate with LSK Martial Arts & Fitness.

LSK Martial Arts & Fitness run professional, welcoming and friendly Kickboxing and Sport Karate classes in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire, to find your nearest class checkout our timetable.

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