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What is a Grading?

LSK Martial Arts & Fitness is a sports club offering professional tuition in Kickboxing, Karate and Boxing in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

As a martial arts club with a combined history of Lau Gar Kung Fu, Freestyle Kickboxing, Sport Karate and Boxing, we have our own bespoke syllabus which compliments the more traditional martial arts styles with modern boxing and kickboxing techniques and sports science.

The syllabus is broken down in stages from White Belt (Beginner) through to Black Belt (Advanced) and beyond. With techniques and combinations getting gradually harder as you progress from belt to belt.

Gradings are held every 3 months up to blue belt (5th grade) whereas senior gradings are only every six months (Purple, Brown and Black Belt). Senior grades are usually in front of a panel of senior instructors who will mark students according to perfomance against the criteria of the belt.

Junior grades are held in a normal training session where your regular instructor will take note of your performance of certain techniques in order to judge your level of skill compared to the requirements of the belt.

The grading system is an excellent way to track your progress and improvement, whilst it also gives students a great sense of achievement.

All students are welcome to grade when the opportunity arises, although it is not a requirement. For more information, please see the gradings page on our website here.


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