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What is Kickboxing and Sport Karate?

Freestyle Kickboxing and Sport Karate classes are perfect for anyone from any background. Usually consisting of a warm up / fitness work, flexibility / stretching, basic and advanced techniques, pad work and light sparring. These classes are open to all, from age 5+.

LSK Martial Arts & Fitness are the leading provider or Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate and Fitness classes in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.


Kickboxing / Sport Karate is a sport that combines kicking for combat with the principles of boxing (punching) and has been in existence since the early 1960s. Its conception came about because of the desire of Martial Artists to test their skills against each other in a safe and controlled environment. 

A high level of fitness both mentally and physically is required for this dynamic and effective Martial Art. It incorporates kicking, punching, and sweeping. Kickboxing has been particularly successful over the last number of years in Great Britain and has produced a number of World/European Champions in their respective weight divisions.


Physical If practiced regularly it will provide a cardiovascular workout.  It will help develop, muscle tone, strength, flexibility balance and concentration, it is considered to be an effective total body workout. In a recent study by US Fitness magazine it was proven that a kickboxing class can burn an impressive 800 calories an hour. It will help maintain weight and body fat controls and bone density. The skill taught can be used in self-defence, if needed. Psychological It is considered to be calming and relaxing.  It requires a high degree of concentration and focus to be able to deliver the multiple movements, punches and kicks. Focus is often on helping body and spirit feel centred and connected to each other. Lifestyle Benefits It can be practiced alone or with others. Group introduction is widely available.  It is accessible to people of wildly ranging ages and fitness levels.  Equipment in the initial stages is minimal and equipment is primarily inexpensive

Other Benefits

  • Build muscle Strength

  • Relieve Stress

  • Learn self defence

  • Improve flexibility and tone

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness

  • Build Confidence

  • Make Friends

  • Increase Self Esteem

  • Learn Discipline and Responsibility

  • Enhance Focus, Co-Ordination and Motor Skills

​If you're interested in joining us for a Kickboxing or Sport Karate class, check out our timetable, book online or get in touch for any enquiries.


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