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LSK Martial Arts & Fitness is a professional provider of Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing and Fitness classes for Adults, Children and Families in Northamptonshire & Leicestershire.

In order to best cater for all of our customers needs, we offer multiple methods of payment to suit their lifestyle, including pay as you train (online or in person) and by subscirption.

There are a number of reasons why monthly memberships might be the best option.

#1 - save money

All of our membership packages ensure that classes work out cheaper per session when paying monthly!

#2 - less hassle

Whilst paying for a monthly membership, there is no need to worry about booking and paying for sessions beforehand.

Subscriptions auto-renew every month so you don't have to do anything, although you are able to cancel at any time!

#3 - added motivation

When your training has already been paid for, it's less likely that you'll skip a session if you can make it.

Consistency is so important for progress, so any motivation to get you to training is only going to help.

#4 - support your club

Help your club to grow by creating a more stable income for your provider.

This means your club can concentrate more on development and improving in areas such as training which will have further benefits to your experience.

#5 - manage your finances

Having a set amount to pay every month can help you financially.

There's no need to worry about finding extra money in a 5 week month for example. The price you pay is always the same, every month.

want to start your membership?

If you are interested in starting your membership, whether you are a new or existing student, head to out membership page now to sign up.


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