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grading progress


All ​students at LSK Martial Arts are welcome to test themselves in gradings held 4 times a year (2 for senior grades), although these are not mandatory.


Gradings are a true sign of technical skill, fitness, commitment and discipline. Each and every student will overcome their own personal barriers to achieve their grade and the chance for continuous progression through the ranks serves to keep motivation high.

Starting from the first rank of White belt, there is no greater sense of achievement than working through each belt, with every grading becoming more physically and mentally challenging than the last.

Only individuals with the right mindset, attitude and desire are able to successfully make it through the junior belts to earn the right to call themselves a senior grade (purple belt and above). It takes a special kind of person to then achieve the rank of black belt.

At LSK Martial Arts, our aim is to harness and develop your skills and your hard work to help you be the best you can possibly be. We want to work in collaboration with you to ensure you are able to meet and exceed your goals.

Speak to your instructor to sign up for your next grading. Click read more for more information.

athlete progress


If you're inspired by competition, or your ambition is to become a World Champion, you can progress from any LSK Martial Arts class to the #TeamLSK  Elite Squad and compete Nationally and internationally, with the opportunity to represent Team GB at the WAKO European and World Championships.

The #TeamLSK Elite Squad is selected every year (with each student welcome to try out) and trains together regularly with the aim of competing at National and International competitions, including qualifying competitions for the GB select team and World Championships.

Being part of this squad means you have been specially selected to represent your club around the world. It is an opportunity to become the athlete you desire to be, and go on to achieve great things in your chosen sport.

Members of the #TeamLSK Elite Squad have complete commitment to continuous improvement and a hunger for national and global success. Our professional coaches provide sport specific training plans and goals for the team, who work day in day out to achieve them.

The prime objective is for the team and it's members to become recognised around the world as acomplished and succesful competitors. The ultimate goal remains to improve the lives and experiences of those who want to be a part of it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next 'trial' elite squad session, open to all members. You can also apply for an individual trial. Press the button below for more information.

coaching progress


Coaching is one of the most rewarding aspects of sport that you can be involved in. The process of improving the performance of your students and your team is both exciting and gratifying.

At LSK Martial Arts we have extremely high standards of coaching, including relevant governing body qualifications and regular CPD (continuous professional development).

Becoming a successful martial arts coach is a challenging yet worthwhile experience for any person involved in sports. Being a qualified martial arts coach is an honour, and provides you with the opportunity to positively impact many lives.

By undertaking your coaching journey, you can accellerate your own personal development and growth. Working with people who are eager to learn gives coaches a real sense of purpose, creating a strong sense of self-worth.

If you are successful and progress all the way to qualified coach, you could experience coaching elite athletes at British, European & World Championships. You could also have your very own class.

For more information or to apply to begin your coaching journey with #TeamLSK, press the below button.

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